Mobile Command Center

Our Mobile Command Centers require no foundation or construction and can be mounted on a mobile trailer system for easy transport from site to site. The ultimate secure, weather-proof enclosure for emergency disaster relief infrastructure. Complete with networking and electrical hook ups, collapsable tables, and spray-foam insulated walls and ceilings, they are the perfect pre-fabricated alternative for canvas, modular or panelized structures and can be stacked or linked to camp infrastructure.


Bunk Trailers

Our Bunk Trailers provide quick access to safe, climate controlled sleeping accommodations for those who rush to the disaster.

We operate two types of Bunk Trailers—a 24 bed and a 16-bed. Each bunk trailer has restrooms, microwave, refridgerators, and laundry capabilities complete with 600 gallons of fresh water and 900 gallon black/grey water tanks.


Laundry Trailers

Our mobile laundry trailers have 6 stacked washers and dryers housed in a convinient pull-behind trailer.

Power Requirements
1—400amp single conductor hook up (6—stacked washers and dryers in each unit. Units draw a total of 132 amps. Water heater draws 145 amps)

Water Requirements
1—hose hookup ¾” water supply Drain—all goes to 3” drain to a bladder that lays on the ground and seeps into ground

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Proactive Planning

Your comfort, covered

Ranco Response owns and maintains the full spectrum of components necessary for temporary facility support. Whether it is a turn-key base camp or wrap around components enhancing existing utilities, Ranco Response is prepared to assist in your readiness.